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June Goal Grades

I’m going to just combine my goals into one this month, since they were all alone the same lines anyway. This month has been crazy and amazing, we’ve gotten out more, spent more time together, gotten out to the beach, and just really enjoyed being outside.

How did you do on your goals this month?

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June Goals

June is when we wrap up spring and begin summer once again. I don’t know about you, but that certainly changes the dynamic of life in my home. I guess these goals reflect that.

Enjoy some down time with my husband – We’ve both been pretty busy lately, and I’m hoping this month will give us some time to relax and spend time together.

Make the most of the beginning of summer – Meaning get outside and explore! Maybe have a few yummy, summery treats along the way. 🙂

Get out for lots of walks – Possibly start hiking, but I’d like to spend more time outdoors.

What are your goals for the month? Do you find that the transition from spring to summer changes your world in the kitchen? I’d love to hear from you!