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June Goal Grades

I’m going to just combine my goals into one this month, since they were all alone the same lines anyway. This month has been crazy and amazing, we’ve gotten out more, spent more time together, gotten out to the beach, and just really enjoyed being outside.

How did you do on your goals this month?

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May’s Goal Grades

May has been a crazy month for me. I’ve done way more baking than I typically would this time of year, which has been great! But it’s also been a bit distracting.

Here’s how I did on my goals this month.

Make granolaF

Yeah, that didn’t happen. But I did enough baking and experimenting that I think I made up for it.

Do something with all the shampoo bottles in my showerA

To the recycling they went! 🙂

Clean out the refrigeratorB

I didn’t do this fully, but I definitely went through a lot of what I had in there.

Multi-course mealC

I shared one of these getting together with some friends while we all brought something. So it kinda counts? Not fully though…

How did you do on your goals this month?


April’s Goal Grades

At the beginning of this month I decided to set some goals for myself. I have to say I like having this and will probably continue. Here’s how I did this month.


Follow a meal planB

I’ve made some sort of dinner most days, though I did miss a few and switch a couple others around.


Try a new posting scheduleA-

I’ve posted on Mondays, yes, but I wasn’t consistent with times. I also think that once a week just isn’t enough to share all the food ideas I have, and I’m left debating and uncertain about what to post, so that’s something I’m going to need to think about in the future.


Read Plate To PixelA

I was really happy about this one. I actually finished it! 🙂


Make at least one nice dessertD

I did make a cheesecake, but I didn’t do anything overly elaborate. I made several other smaller desserts though, so I’m not calling it a total failure.


Clean out my closetA-

I actually did this fairly early in the month, though I’m giving myself an A- because there are a few items I haven’t decided on yet, and I haven’t done anything with the clothes that I’ve cleared out.


How have your goals gone this month?

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