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Easy Mexican Casserole

Hello everyone!

Today I’m making a Mexican casserole to share with all of you. This is one of our go to recipes for a quick dinner, and it uses the cheese sauce I posted last week.


Mix up some rice and black beans in a casserole dish.


Pour about half a batch of cheese sauce over the top.


Add refried beans, and then any veggies you’d like to add. I love adding jalapenos and/or fried peppers and onions.


Use the rest of the cheese sauce to top it off.


Bake until browned.


And it’s ready to serve!



Mexican Casserole

Black Bean Soup

Happy Monday, everyone!

After a cold, long, and busy day (in a good way) a warm and comforting bowl of soup sounded absolutely perfect! To be more specific, Panera’s black bean soup sounded pretty amazing.

We don’t have a Panera’s nearby, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go out anyway. Are they even open at 10 pm? So I looked it up online.

I found this recipe. I had almost everything I needed for it, except for the red peppers and celery. Red peppers tend to give me a headache, and I don’t care much for cooked celery anyway, so I decided to try it with what I had.

I ended up adding a couple extra carrots to make up for the other missing veggies, and it was too watery for my taste, so I also added an extra can of black beans.

It wasn’t quite like Panera’s (possibly because I changed it), but it was still a perfect way to warm, relax and unwind.

I would definitely suggest giving it a try on a chilly day! It’s the perfect balance between light and heavy that leaves you feeling satisfied, but not overstuffed.

Do you have any favorite soups for a chilly fall/winter day?

(Sorry I don’t have pictures this week, I have a more exciting post planned for next Monday!)

Have a wonderful week!