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Cider Donuts

The holidays are almost here. It’s a time for family and friends and a time when all our seasonal foods come together.

I recently bought a donut pan. All autumn I’ve been wanting to make cider donuts, but I’ve been so busy with everything else that I haven’t had a chance. Well, this morning I finally did!

Cider Donuts

I used this recipe with some substitutes. I was so happy to find something that didn’t use any eggs because I just ran out. They were just perfect for this season.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

Apple And Pumpkin

Fall is in the air! I’ve been fully enjoying and embracing this season and I’m loving it! Apples, pumpkins… Ahh, it’s bliss!

Okay, so here are a few things I’ve made this week.

#1. Baked Apple. I used the suggestion here (#6 on the post), to cut the apple. Then I just wrapped it in foil to hold it all together, added some brown sugar and spices, baked for about 30 minutes, topped it with some butterscotch swirl ice cream, and it was fantastic!



#2. Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler. Seriously, you have to try this stuff! It is amazing! All I did was substitute the flour out for gluten-free multi-purpose flour and followed the recipe as it was. I also topped this with butterscotch ice cream, and it was delicious! I’m going to need another one this week!


What are some of your fall favorites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments or on Facebook! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

A cool autumn morning deserves a perfect autumn breakfast; warm, spiced, pumpkiny morsels of goodness. That’s exactly what these muffins are.


One of my absolute favorite things about fall is pumpkin! We put it in everything, coffee, breads, pies, soups, cookies… On this particular day I had the windows open with the cool fall air drifting in, and I started craving pumpkin and cream cheese.

Normally I would revert to something like a cheesecake (because pretty much every random food idea I have involves cheesecake in some form), but I felt like something warm and comforting. These muffins fit the bill perfectly!

It’s a slight update on my previous pumpkin muffins, and after I made them I realized streusel topping would have been simply perfect! Next time I make them I’ll (hopefully) remember the streusel and update the recipe. 🙂




I’m sharing these with my friends at Fiesta Friday. Enjoy! And have a lovely weekend! 🙂 What are your favorite things about autumn?

You can also find me on Facebook.

The Kitchen Is Calling

Hello world! And happy Monday! I’m not sure anyone’s out there since it’s been so long, but I’ve enjoyed the summer and I’m thinking about coming back.

I don’t do much cooking through the warmer months, but now that summer is mellowing out and autumn is on its way I just can’t wait to really get back into the kitchen!

Pumpkin Spice Cake

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you’re looking forward to this upcoming week as much as I am! Thanksgiving plans are pretty well set and now there’s just some last minute shopping, some prep and cooking for the big day! I’m so excited for it!

Today I have a last minute Thanksgiving dessert for you. Pumpkin spice cake. Yum! It’s somewhat between a cake and a pie in that it’s kind of soft, but it works perfectly because of that.

I hope you enjoy! It goes perfectly with my cream cheese frosting, so I’m attaching that recipe again as well.

I hope you enjoy! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Do you entertain at home, or go to family’s? We’re going to my parents’ house this year, and I am so looking forward to spending it with them again!

Have a wonderful week!

Pumpkin Cake



Thoughts Of Thanksgiving

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today I’m going to be finding recipes for our Thanksgiving meal plan. I’m so excited about it this year because I get to do a lot of the planning! Thus far I have a list of dishes, I just need to find some gluten-free options for certain things like rolls and pie crusts. I have a few ideas, but I’m not quite sure which ones we’ll be going with.

I do know that we’ll be having my breakfast casserole for breakfast and my garlic mashed potatoes and possibly autumn rice and acorn squash to go along with dinner. I was hoping to get a turkey this week to do a post for you, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Next year!

We’re going to my family’s this year. I haven’t been there in three years and my husband’s never been. I am so looking forward to it! A real family Thanksgiving!

Last year it was just the two of us, and I have to say, it was quite relaxing and wonderful, but I’m looking forward to spending this one back at home.

I think Thanksgiving is more about the gathering, being with the ones you love, and just celebrating everything that we have. When I was a kid, we just had our immediate family, but there were enough of us that it still constituted a group.

We might also have a dear woman over, who has been like a grandmother over the years. I love the idea of spreading the joy of Thanksgiving by sharing it with others!

Do you have a large group of family and/or friends for Thanksgiving? Or do you enjoy it being a smaller group of closer ones? Do you have any unique recipes or traditions? I’d love to hear from you!

Did you get a chance to check out my gluten-free yellow quinoa cake? If not, be sure to check it out! Scroll to the bottom for the recipe. I’d also love to connect with you on Facebook where I’ll be sharing smaller posts and we can interact more.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

The Colors Of Fall – Gluten-Free Orange Chicken

Happy Monday, everyone!

What could be better than Chinese food? It’s definitely one of my favorite food categories, my husband’s too, so that works out quite nicely. Today I have one of our favorite Chinese dishes for you. Orange chicken. Yum! It goes perfectly with broccoli and rice.


It also came to my attention that I had yet to make a pumpkin cheesecake this year, so I made one of those as well. Is it absolutely horrible of me that I ate half of it within two days?

Can you believe it’s already November? This year has just flown by! I have to say, I’m much happier where I am this year than where I was last year. We’re really settling in to our new home and it’s just all around an awesome thing for us.

Anyway, on to the food…

Orange chicken is a very social meal for me. I was first introduced to it in a mall with one of my best friends. Then, the first time I made it at home was with some of my other close friends.

Over the past few years I’ve been perfecting the recipe and have been using this one for awhile know. I have to say, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s perfect for a date night with a special someone as you cozy in and enjoy the cooler weather (and more dates in, perhaps?)

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Although, around here, pretty much any Chinese dish will be widely accepted. Do you have any favorites? If so, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! I’m always up for trying new recipes.


Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Happy Monday, everyone!

This past weekend I had decided to experiment with mashed potatoes. My husband has been asking for them for awhile now, and since eating them at my friend’s wedding, I’d started to want them too (selfish, I know).

At first, I tried a recipe I found online.

They were okay, but neither of us was overly impressed. That’s when I knew I had to try it on my own.

The second time was much better! And I’ll definitely be making these again! I’m thinking they will be perfect to go with our Thanksgiving dinner. Can you believe it’s getting so close? There isn’t even a full week left in October!

We’ve been loving the fall weather. Have you been out and about enjoying it lately?

Either way, I hope you enjoy these potatoes! Just be careful, they can be rather addicting.

Step one.
Step two.
Step two.
Mmm... Garlic.
Mmm… Garlic.
Look at the steam!
Look at all that steam!
The end result. Sorry I don't have a better picture of them.
The end result. Sorry I don’t have a better picture of them.



Cinnamon Apple Pork Chops

Happy  Thursday, everyone!

As promised, today I have the recipe for cinnamon apple pork chops.


My husband and I both loved it, though we realized as we sat down to eat that neither one of us likes cooked apples. A fact we had known previously, but I suppose conveniently forgot because they sounded good at the time. (Kind of inconvenient because I made an apple crisp for dessert. We ate it anyway. With some amazing ice cream!)

That being said, I missed yet another year of apple picking this year. Which I was really disappointed about. My husband’s never been, and I’ve missed three years now. Oh well, hopefully next year!

I served the pork chops with my autumn rice which you can find here along with a brown sugar acorn squash. I also forgot the squash the night of the pork chops. So sad. It was still a good meal though!

And the pork chops were even more amazing leftover when I sliced them and fried them with the apples to reheat them! Caramelized brown sugar, yum!

Here’s the recipe, I hope you enjoy!


Autumn Rice And Brown Sugar Acorn Squash

Happy Monday, everyone!

How was your weekend? Mine was very peaceful and relaxing.

As promised a couple weeks ago, here’s the recipe for the autumn rice and brown sugar acorn squash, soon to follow will be the recipe for cinnamon apple pork chops.

Just look at that!


I decided to put the rice inside the squash. And oh how amazing did it taste with the brown sugar glaze!

I originally made this because I thought what better way to welcome autumn than to have a very festive meal to ring it in.

Granted, I’m a bit late in posting, but please forgive me for that. There’s still time in the season to enjoy all of the autumn-y goodness that abounds this time of year.

I hope you enjoy!


It looks like such a happy little flower. :)
It looks like such a happy little flower. 🙂


Just look at that caramelized brown sugar coating!
Just look at that caramelized brown sugar coating!

Brown Sugar Acorn Squash