Happy Monday Everyone! (If it’s not Monday, just bear with me.)

Mondays are typically the most dreaded day of the week. Poor little Monday, it bears the weight of so much hate and condemnation. There it stands, remaining strong, while everyone spews hurtful comments at it.

Monday has to be the most daring day of the week. I mean, think about it–even after all the hate, it still has the courage to re-emerge seven days later (though I’m sure the six days of rest help). Maybe Monday’s an introvert, and it needs those days off to recover? Or maybe an extrovert who needs interaction so badly that any kind will do?

Monday is the beginning… brave enough to take the first step… jump in with both feet… start a brand new week… So many possibilities! We really don’t give it enough credit. It sets the tone for the entire week.

I’m here to take the pressure off and, hopefully, give you something to look forward to every Monday.

Monday could be the stepping stone to a brighter future and a better tomorrow, but we have to be willing to give it a chance, don’t we? We have to look at it for what it is. We have to be willing to take that first step. So let’s start the day (and the whole week) with a smile!

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Making Mondays just a little bit brighter.

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