April’s Goal Grades

At the beginning of this month I decided to set some goals for myself. I have to say I like having this and will probably continue. Here’s how I did this month.


Follow a meal planB

I’ve made some sort of dinner most days, though I did miss a few and switch a couple others around.


Try a new posting scheduleA-

I’ve posted on Mondays, yes, but I wasn’t consistent with times. I also think that once a week just isn’t enough to share all the food ideas I have, and I’m left debating and uncertain about what to post, so that’s something I’m going to need to think about in the future.


Read Plate To PixelA

I was really happy about this one. I actually finished it! 🙂


Make at least one nice dessertD

I did make a cheesecake, but I didn’t do anything overly elaborate. I made several other smaller desserts though, so I’m not calling it a total failure.


Clean out my closetA-

I actually did this fairly early in the month, though I’m giving myself an A- because there are a few items I haven’t decided on yet, and I haven’t done anything with the clothes that I’ve cleared out.


How have your goals gone this month?

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