April’s Goals

Today marks the start of a new chapter. And what better way to celebrate than with cheesecake! I could live on cheesecake, it truly is the food of life.

Post to follow soon. 🙂

Anyway… On with my new chapter. So I’m not one to stay incredibly organized, especially in the summer months. I tend to drift into snacking and desserts, or salads and smoothies and don’t do a whole lot of cooking. So I’ve come up with a plan to help me stay more organized, make actual meals through the summer and hopefully it will also help me to post more consistently.

On the first Monday of the month I’ll post goals for myself, then we’ll see how I follow through with it. So here are my goals for April.

Follow a meal plan – This past weekend my husband and I came up with a meal plan (then I scheduled this month’s meals). We have a different food category for every day, which I’m hoping will add a bit of consistency to life, yet it still gives us room to improvise if we wish.

Food sets the tone for so much of life, this way each day will have a consistent theme and will help us to get into a routine.

Try a new posting schedule – Yes, I will still be posting on Mondays, but I’m going to try to be more consistent with what and when.

Read Plate To Pixel – I started reading this book quite some time ago, then life took over and I set it down. I’d like to finish it by the end of this month.

Make at least one nice dessert – I probably already make too many desserts (my husband would say there’s no such thing), but I’d like to try something a little special this month.

Clean out my closet – I’ve needed to go through my clothes and organize my closet for a while now. I figure now that spring is here it’s the perfect time.

What kinds of goals do you have for April?

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