First Monday

Happy Monday Everyone!

I have a feeling I could become one of those super annoying morning (Monday) people who is way too excited way too soon. It’s exasperating! Anyway, if that does happen to be the case, you have my permission to wait until Tuesday (or even Friday) to read, if you so choose.

So… Here goes!

My husband and I just moved into a new apartment in the middle of a new town. So many things to do and see! I’m really excited about this! And now we’re closer to friends and family, yet another added bonus!

We’ve been here a week and I finally made my first real meal today. Breakfasts for dinner, salads, and pasta don’t really count, right? Hmm… I’ll have to think about that. Anyway, it was my first real dinnery meal since moving.

My plan was chicken cordon bleu (ironically, that was also the first meal I’d cooked completely on my own as a kid). We got chicken breast for only $1.99/lb. The cheapest we could find it at our previous location was $2.99/lb, and that was if we were lucky.

The chicken was huge! It didn’t take me long to realize that if I wanted to make cordon bleu I had some bigger issues… literally. I suppose I could have hammered it more, but I felt that I was already making too much noise and didn’t want our new neighbors to hate me.

So, new idea! Chicken cordon bleu casserole. (Recipe will follow shortly.)

It was a hit! My husband gave it “easily an 8 or 9” and said that I should make it when we have company. He then proceeded to eat the casserole without any sides. Nothing short of a miracle. I’ve never seen him do that before.  I had been planning on pairing it with some sort of rolls or pasta along with steamed carrots and a starter salad, but nope! He declined that offer. (I still had the salad though.)

Berry crisp with vanilla ice cream would have been a perfect dessert to follow, but we went out for ice cream instead.

All in all, our first Monday in the new place was pretty good. Oh, and I also made a mess. I should probably clean that up…

Have a wonderful week!

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